What to eat on board? What to play?

The Three Gorges luxury cruises ship ticket includes accommodation and dining on board, which is similar to a marine cruise. In addition to the difference between the room and other room types, the catering and other services that you can enjoy on board (except for the Presidential suite, which includes VIP service) are the same, so there is no need to worry about eating on the board. When you want to taste a Western meal, you will have a variety of Western buffets for a sophisticated dining experience. Of course, when you miss the spicy and delicious flavor of Chinese food, you will also be provided a wealth of Chinese food, so that you can have a good time to have meal on the ship.

It’s even easier to play on the Three Gorges luxury cruises ship, as swimming pools, golf courses, dance halls, etc., are optional on the ship, so that you don’t need to worry about being boring.

Many high-definition cinemas on the cruise ship can help you watch movies for free. There are also areas that are specially designed for children to play. Foreign-related luxury cruise ships basically have gymnasiums. If you don’t understand, you can consult the front desk. They are all free. Running, weightlifting and other facilities are complete on the ship for you to enjoy during your trip to Yangtze River.

The rich rides are fully equipped to meet your needs, to make you enjoy the scenery on the boat and have fun on the boat, so as to make the Three Gorges trip a great one and a great value!

About the guide to take the Three Gorges luxury cruises ship:

Booking tickets for the Three Gorges cruise ship are different from booking general attraction tickets and airline tickets. The ticket for the Three Gorges luxury cruise ship is a distribution system. Therefore, there are many booking websites on the Internet. It is very important to choose a good website to book online so that service and quality are guaranteed.