In fact, China is not a tipping country. The state forbids tour guide or service staff to ask for tips from customers. However, the guests who are tipping in the normal situation are very popular with the service staff. However, it should be noted that if any tour guide or service personnel trouble you because you do not give a tip, and you do not enjoy the service you deserve, you can complain to him.

Under normal circumstances, you are advised to pay a certain tip to baggage staffs, room attendants, and full-service tour guides to show your recognition of his service. You can also get a more enthusiastic service, so that everyone can enjoy the Yangtze River tour on the cruise ship happily.

The amount of tip is actually determined by the service you enjoy, and you can pay a little more tip if you feel the service staff is good. Of course, these are all determined by your feelings.

In addition, for better experience on the Three Gorges trip, you can choose the American Victoria series luxury cruises ship, which is the cruise where Chinese and western cultures blend together.

The Victorian series luxury cruises ships include seven cruise ships of “Jenna, Anna, Katarina, Empress, Lianna, Prince, Selina “, which are the largest series of cruises ships on the Yangtze River. It is the only cruise company that fully manages the American-style fleet, but the biggest feature of the Victoria luxury cruises in addition to internationalization is that they arrange activities related to traditional Chinese culture such as “Tai Chi teaching” every day; kite lectures; pearls, embroidery, calligraphy and painting lectures, etc. The soft service of this cruise ship is also one of the best in all cruise ships. If you want to enjoy world-class service while learning Chinese traditional culture during your Three Gorges tour, this cruise ship is very suitable for you. And if you are satisfied with the service on the Victoria series luxury cruises ship, you can also give some tips for the staffs on the ship.