The Yellow Mountains have different views in different seasons. Even if it is the cold winter, it will give you a white world that is pure, fresh and beautiful. The whole mountain range is quiet and peaceful, and it is wrapped up by the silver, the Buddha’s light shines, the clouds and the sea is dimly discernible, the rime is fantastic, the strange rocks and the strange stones are spectacular, revealing the hustle and bustle and making your feel shocked. The air is filled with rich aroma, and the beautiful Yellow Mountains pines and cypress are steadily growing up against the cliffs, and they are full of vigor and vitality, which makes people feel awe.

The white mist of the cloud sea when it is hidden between the mountains gives the beautiful scenery of the Yellow Mountain a little enchanting and charming feeling, and makes this strange mountain the beautiful landscape paintings, and shows magnificent and vast mountain river of the Chinese landscape painting. The beautiful Yellow Mountains is majestic. It is also a representative of the unyielding spiritual power.

The Yellow Mountains are still very worthwhile to visit, and the beautiful scenery can be seen  everywhere. If you are going to The Yellow Mountains in mid-July when the rainy season just pass, and the Yellow Mountains is a sunny day, you can feel that the undermountain is very hot, but the mountain is getting colder and colder when you climb to the top. You maybe fail watching the sea of clouds on sunny days, but the blue sky and white clouds and the strange stones and beautiful pines come into view, letting you feel the gift of the nature for us and feel the kind of majestic momentum. Staying in the Guangmingding at night, seeing the beautiful sunset and the morning glow and sunrise in the morning when the sun shines, you will feel it really shocking.

It is recommended that you take the cableway up the mountain, then have a good time there, and then it will be a lot easier to walk down the mountain. It is best to wear sportswear, take a small backpack, and walk with some food and drinks before you climb the mountain, because the consumption on the Yellow Mountains will be very high.