Question by We Never Left!!: Will China be using the Shi Lang as a cruise ship for tourists?

After the renovation, it looks quite attractive for an old rust bucket. Agree?

I wonder how many dissidents are undergoing re-education while tredding on the hamster wheels in the engine room…
@Charlie – Thanks for providing some valid references for a change. You’re getting better at this. Now, compared to the US Aircraft Carriers you’ve mentioned, how big is this “rust bucket” that the PLAN has scraped, painted, and polished? Got nuclear power??? Don’t get me wrong here, I think they’ve made it look pretty good. Lastly, what’s the REAL name assigned to it?
That’s a test. Let’s see who first comes up with the name it will be commissioned under.
I’ll start with: 坐鴨

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Answer by Charlie Sheen
Your article describes an aircraft carrier that was built in the 1980s that is being refitted with the most modern equipment. I don’t see how the term “rust bucket” applies, unless you are referring to the aging fleets of other countries. Most of America’s aircraft carrier fleet is older than this craft. For example, the USS Enterprise was commissioned in 1961 and the USS Nimitz in 1975. Britain doesn’t even have a fixed wing aircraft carrier anymore. Britain recently sold their last carrier for scrap due to their nation’s financial problems.

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