Question by fighting9000: Help Yangtze River Geography?
Hi, everybody I am an AS geography student. I have been asked to research factors that influencing the river regimes of the Yangtze River and then explain the factors. So if there any other geos students, who can help or even teachers or any one who have got any ideas. I have looked on goggle so if any one has got any notes or websites thanks you or books or case studies. Thank you so much!!! Rock on

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Answer by Pam
First define river regimes

Regime. “Regime theory” is a theory of the forming of channels in material carried by the streams. As used in this sense, the word “regime” applies only to streams that make at least part of their boundaries from their transported load and part of their transported load from their boundaries, carrying out the process at different places and times in any one stream in a balanced or alternating manner that prevents unlimited growth or removal of boundaries. A stream, river, or canal of this type is called a “regime stream, river, or canal.” A regime channel is said to be “in regime” when it has achieved average equilibrium; that is, the average values of the quantities that constitute regime do not show a definite trend over a considerable period–generally of the order of a decade. In unspecialized use “regime” and “regimen” are synonyms. (After Blench, 1957, p. 2.)

Regimen of a stream. The system or order characteristic of a stream; in other words, its habits with respect to velocity and volume, form of and changes in channel, capacity to transport sediment, and amount of material supplied for transportation. The term is also applied to a stream which has reached an equilibrium between corrosion and deposition or, in other words, to a graded stream. (Bryan, 1922. p. 89)

After you know what river regimes means you can do your research.

Do an AOL search type in ( influence of the Yangtze river ) you should get all the information you need.

I hope this helps.

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