Tianjin Italian Style Street is located in the center of Tianjin, where there are more than 200 elegant Mediterranean-style buildings. Walking in it is like walking in a romantic European town. The former residences of many celebrities and film and television sceneries also add more charm to the tourists’ journey.

Tianjin Italian Style Street is right next to the Haihe River. When you walk along the Haihe River, you will first see the tall bell tower with a spire, and then you can see the exquisite hollowed-out copper carriage, which symbolizes the Tianjin Italian Style Street is there. Stroll along the street at will, see the red-roofed Italian buildings, European-style sculptures, and pace to Marco Polo Square. Marco Polo Square is one of the landmarks of the scenic area. On the central Collins-style stone pillar, there stands the Goddess of Peace who is holding an olive branch. Going west, you will reach the “Flying Lion Wishing Pool” in Piazza Venezia. It is far from the real Roman Wishing Pool in the “Roman Holiday” movie. It can blend with the atmosphere that is created by the entire Tianjin Italian Style Street, and you will feel it like a movie. There are indeed many film and television dramas that come here for filming. Visitors can find familiar scenes in the dramas. At the same time, it also attracts many lovers who take wedding photos.

In Tianjin Italian Style Street, Chinese and Western cultures and customs are perfectly blended. There are clothing street, leather goods street, hotel street, craft street, etc., and the characteristic restaurants here are attracting many people who love food.

Tianjin Italian Style Street is the best testimony to the history of Tianjin Concession. Walking here will feel like being on the streets of Italy thousands of miles away. At night, the Italian architecture lights up, the candlelights and lights flicker in the western restaurants and coffee shops, the bars become lively, and the scenery and atmosphere of Tianjin Italian Style Street are more charming. This is definitely a must-see attraction in Tianjin.