Yushui Village is located about 15 kilometers north of Lijiang City, at the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain in Baisha Town. The scenery of the village is natural and simple, especially the ethereal and clear water scenery is amazing. It is also the sacred place of Dongba religion for the Naxi people, and you can learn about the unique and splendid Naxi culture about sacrificial offerings and paper making.

When you enter the gate of Yushui Village, the first thing that shocks you is the waterscape of triassic water. In the scenic area, there is a clear spring outflowing under two old trees and turning into nearly ten large and small splashing waterfalls. Legend has it that the spring eye of the spring is a place where the gods of nature haunt. The gods layered the water into several folds, thus creating this scattered group of triassic water falls. The stream flows into the Yushui Lake, where golden trout and rainbow trout are bred, and visitors can gather around the pond to enjoy the harmonious scene of fish and water.

In addition to the waterscape, this is also the birthplace of the Naxi Dongba religion. There is a Dongba cultural relics exhibition hall, displaying ancient Dongba scriptures, puppets, and ritual instruments. In the very center of the Heheyuan, it is the main hall of Dongbaism’s highest temple “Yushuiyuan”, which enshrines many deities such as Dongba Shiluo, the ancestor of Dongbaism and Sanduo, the guardian god of the Naxi people.

In addition, you can also visit the Dongba Paper Mill, Dongba Wine Brewery, looms, etc. in the Folklore to learn about the ancient Dongba people’s papermaking, wine making, and weaving skills, and enjoy the Naxi native folk music “Bai Sha Xi Le” Performance. In accordance with the traditions of the Naxi nationality, the scenic spot will regularly hold activities such as offering sacrifices to the sky, offering wind, and offering sacrifices to the gods of nature. On March 5th of the lunar calendar, a grand Dongba ceremony will be held in Heheyuan. If you happen to encounter Dongba offerings to heaven and gods, you can have a deeper understanding of the charm of Dongbaism.