Question by LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE MEEEEEE!!!!: So, all 4 of the earliest civilizations are now 3rd world, and the former “barbarians” are now 1st world?
The 4 earliest civilizations were the Nile River civilization (present day Egypt), the Euphrates-Tigris Rivers civilization (present day Iraq), Indus River civilization (present day India), Yangtze-Yellow Rivers civilization (present day China), all of which date to at least 2500 BC, are now reduced to 3rd world status, whereas the NW Europeans, which were considered by these civilizations as nothing but “barbarians”, are now the 1st world. The table has turn 180 degrees. Agree?

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Answer by ♥*~Shallow Seas~*♥
careful…it may turn another 180 soon enough.

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