Question by j: Will anyone take this?
Your boyfriend that you’ve dated for three years proposes while y’all are on a date on a dinner cruise ship!!!! You decide to marry at 1.__________ and honeymoon in 2.___________.

Two years after you get married, you have a little girl. You name her with the meaning PRETTY and she is just that!!! She has shiny beach-blond hair and huge blue eyes. What is her name? 3.

Your little girl is now 2 and wants a baby sister. She gets 3 baby sisters!!! 4.You name them after celebrities and their children.

When your first daughter is 5 and your triplets are 3, you and your husband see an advertisement for an orphanage in China. The little one-year-old girl you adopt has soft black hair and brown eyes. You name her with a Chinese first and a unisex middle.

After your oldest is 7, the triplets are 5, and your adopted girl is 3, your husband really wants a son!!! Y’all have twins, a boy and a girl. They both have brown hair and green eyes. Your son’s name is his Daddy’s middle, and you name his middle after your father. Your daughter is the same with her mother’s middle name and her grandma’s .
Congrats on your big family!!!

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Answer by ♥Kαуlee♥ (Hello Santa Baby)ツ
1. Our Church
2. Honeymoon in England
3. Caroline Ruby (Caroline means Beautiful Woman, and I like that better than Pretty)
4. Katherine Sophia, Eva Madeleine, & Lucy Elizabeth (after Katharine Hepburn, Eva Longoria, & Lucille Ball)
5. Maylin Addison
6. Benjamin Riley & Lynette Rose (my middle name is Lynn, but I don’t like that as a first name)

So I have:
Caroline, Katey, Eva, Lucy, Ben, Maylin & Lynette[♥]

This was fun! Can you make another one, please : )
♥кαуℓєє ℓуηη

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