Question by Parallox: What is the best singles vacation options for a professional male in his mid 30s?
I have a LOT of vacation from work I need to burn up between now and November. The thing is I am single, and really don’t have any friends I can go traveling with. So I am looking for some travel ideas for a male in his mid 30s. I would like to go someplace a bit more upscale. I did Jamaica a few years back, and didn’t enjoy it. I have also been to Vegas, and really didn’t like it, being I live near Atlantic City, and am not into drinking and dancing. I like the beach, but don’t want to get burned to a crisp. I am not sure I want to do a tour, hopping from city to city, unless there are a lot of cute girls involved. As far as general locations, I was thinking of Europe (on the Mediterranean), the Caribbean, Hawaii, Thailand, maybe even China. I have also looked a cruises, but with hurricane season, I am not sure if that is a good idea. So if there are any locations I missed, or if there are specific recommendations on the places I listed, or vacation companies I should consider, let me know (and don’t say Kontiki, my cousin went on a tour of Alaska and it was a sausage party).
Debbie, that was a lot of great feedback. I am working with a couple travel agents, and am waiting to hear back form them, and what options they have. I was thinking of a European tour, but also want to swim at some nice beaches, so we’ll see what happends. Too bad the hurricane season is upon us.

So… is your 29 year old friend cute 😉

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Answer by Debbie B
Hawaii is NOT a good singles place…it’s all people who are either with their family or on their honeymoon (my friend who is a single 29 year old woman is currently there on vacation – having a great time, but said NO single people there). Same holds true for the Caribbean.

I think your best bet is a cruise…they even have singles cruises (my coworker went on one and had an amazing time). I haven’t ever been on a cruise, but I know they have tons of activities/great food/entertainment. It’s a really nice place to meet people.

Europe could be fun, and I guess you could meet some fun foreign women…but still not a great option for a “singles outing.”

My ex went to Australia after we broke up and had an incredible time. He did it through a touring group. If you have a lot of time to spare, that is a great place to visit!!! If I had a lot of vacation time that’s where I would go. Sadly, I only get 3 weeks vacation/personal/sick a year….15 days for an entire year…sigh 🙁

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