Question by Parallox: What is the best singles vacation options for a professional male in his mid 30s?
I have a LOT of vacation from work I need to burn up between now and November. The thing is I am single, and really don’t have any friends I can go traveling with. So I am looking for some travel ideas for a male in his mid 30s. I would like to go someplace a bit more upscale. I did Jamaica a few years back, and didn’t enjoy it. I have also been to Vegas, and really didn’t like it, being I live near Atlantic City, and am not into drinking and dancing. I like the beach, but don’t want to get burned to a crisp. I am not sure I want to do a tour, hopping from city to city, unless there are a lot of cute girls involved. As far as general locations, I was thinking of Europe (on the Mediterranean), the Caribbean, Hawaii, Thailand, maybe even China. I have also looked a cruises, but with hurricane season, I am not sure if that is a good idea. So if there are any locations I missed, or if there are specific recommendations on the places I listed, or vacation companies I should consider, let me know (and don’t say Kontiki, my cousin went on a tour of Alaska and it was a sausage party).

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