Question by robert.sanchez34: Disney Riddles YAY!?
There was a man in the MGM Studios. He was handed a phone by a Disney employee without asking his name or knowing his identity. After talking on the phone for a little over 30 seconds, he knew he was going on a cruise for free. So, he waited outside a building for someone. What happened?

A convicted murderer was traveling in Epcot, killing one person in every world showcase pavilion. He first kills someone in the Canada pavilion. After that, he goes to the closest dock and travels across the world showcase lagoon to the China pavilion. There, he kills another person. By the time the murderer is done killing the 2nd victim, the dead person in the Canada pavilion is found and the cops and a detective are called. The murderer then goes to the closest dock and travels to the France pavilion to kill someone else. By the time he kills the next victim, the detective figures out where he is going to murder someone next. Where? What is the pattern?
Don’t worry, I will show every one the answers. DISNEY ROCKS!

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Answer by Ace
Wow, really good riddles. I don’t know either of them.


After re-reading the riddles, I feel that the answers might be a bit obvious…

1. The man talked to someone on the phone who said he was going on a cruise for free and told him to wait outside.

2. The man was going to the closest dock next to him. He always goes to the closest dock next to him.

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