Question by ⊥ Bag: From Thailand to Australia by sea?
has anybody ever done it before, actually i am going to Thailand in a couple of weeks and i was just thinking about taking a cruise and i want to stay on a boat as long as i can and the longest route i can afford is from thailand to Australia, my main concern is that i hold a China passport and i don’t have a VISA to go to Australia, but i don’t care if i can get off the ship, i just want to be floating on the sea for a couple days, so will they let me on their ship if don’t have a VISA to Australia, how exactly can i make this happen
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Answer by chesney c
Check out the following websites

Sun Princess Cruise
Star Cruise

On your question on visa, you need to have visa of all the countries that the cruise will be going to regardless of whether you wish to get off the ship or not. For example if Australia is one the cruise’s destination, then you need to have Australian visa. This is because once the ship is in Australian water, everyone on board is considered to have arrive in Australia. If you do not have the Australian visa , you won’t even be allowed to board the ship from your first point which in your case from a port in Thailand eg. Phuket.

Check out the website of Star Cruise ( given above ). They have a ‘ cruise to nowhere ‘ trip from a Malaysian port but this is just a day cruise. Alternatively you may take a cruise from Phuket to Singapore and then return to Phuket. This would take about 3-4 days.

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