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Which is a formal region?
(Points : 1)
The state of Illinois

The Chicago metropolitan area

The historic neighborhoods in Boston

The trade route along the Mississippi River
Which of these countries is largest?
(Points : 1)




3. How are countries in the European Union linked?

Check all that apply.
(Points : 1)
Their inhabitants all speak the same language.

They share a common currency.

They all have a similar climate.

They form a single economy.

4. Why is it difficult to determine which countries belong to Europe and which belong to Southwest Asia?
(Points : 1)
The European Union allows almost any country to join.

Most countries want to be associated with Southwest Asia.

There is no natural physical boundary between Europe and Southwest Asia.

Political changes happen in Europe very frequently.

5. Which religions were founded in Europe and Southwest Asia?

Check all that apply.
(Points : 1)




6. Which describes Eurasia?
(Points : 1)
Located west of the Atlantic Ocean

Located south of the Indian Ocean

Located in the Southern Hemisphere

Located in the Eastern Hemisphere

7. Which continents form the boundary of the Mediterranean Sea?

Check all that apply.
(Points : 1)




8. Which is a major feature of Mediterranean architecture?
(Points : 1)
Small rooms

Bland colors

Large windows

Lack of plants or gardens

9. Match the region in column 1 to its religious characteristic in column 2.

(Points : 1)
Answer Potential Matches:
: Western part of Southern Europe
1 : Orthodox Christian

: Eastern part of Southern Europe
2 : Catholic

: North Africa
3 : Muslim

10. Which is a major feature of the Mediterranean climate?
(Points : 1)
Warm, wet summers

Hot, dry summers

Cold, wet summers

Cold, dry summers

11. What is linked together by the Suez Canal?
(Points : 1)
The Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean

The Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean

The Yangtze River and the Indian Ocean

The Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean

12. Which feature do Mediterranean countries have in common?
(Points : 1)




13. How did the Mediterranean climate influence culture in the region?
(Points : 1)
It created large variation in architecture.

It allowed for easy sailing.

It forced people to work harder.

It stopped religion from spreading.

14. Historically, the African side of the Mediterranean was mostly influenced by:
(Points : 1)
Arab and Muslim culture.

Ottoman and Arab culture.

Roman and Greek culture.

Roman and Jewish culture.

15. Which information does a geographer avoid using when defining regions?
(Points : 1)
Opinions about regions

Political boundaries

Geographical features

Cultural ties

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