Question by Sarah.Boo: Places to visit in New York?
Here’s the scoop… I’ve been to New York once, and I’ve done it all. The Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty/ Ellis Island Cruise, Macy’s, SoHo, China Town… etc.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any “un derground” type places.. so to speak.

Fun, interesting things, that not a lot of people know bout, yet they do.
Kind of like the designer lines in china town. ha.

any suggestions.
I’ve heard of a hot dog place where the front door is like a phone booth or something.. ne way.

suggestions please, anything.

and if possible location, too. :]
thank you thank you thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by Catluver123
F.A.O Schwarz is always fun and NYC is lots of fun! u can also go to the rockerfeller center and go to the top and look up above the city( lots of fun!)

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