Question by etsu: Help, I need advice! My in-laws are moochers!!?
I’ve been married to my husband for three years and is three months pregnant with our first child. We’re living comfortably and is trying to save money for our baby.

My father in-law lives off food stamp/ welfare, my mother in-law recently quit her part time job.. both are psychically capable and healthy but are extremely lazy! They recently took domestic trips and went on cruises, and is now planing a three-week trip to China. They’re also hoarders and are obsessed with spending money at thrift stores! (They visit Good Will store Mon-Sun and will spend up to $ 50 everyday!)

My husband has been paying for their cell phone bills for years (mother in-law is trying to get my husband to buy her an iPhone) and are now handing him bills from their car insurance to life insurance! I don’t mind my husband helping them out here and there, but they are spending thousands of dollars on trips and etc.. and is expecting my husband to pay nearly $ 500/ a month in bills for them?? I’ve talk about this to my husband but every time he refuse to help them, they will make him feel bad for not helping out or make it into something personal.

I don’t know what more I can do or say, but I feel like it is getting out of control! How can I make my husband see that his parents are simple taking advantage of him??

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Answer by TiredBrainCells
Your husband is an enabler. He has no spine. I think you need to get him into counseling.

You two are married. It isn’t just his money. It is your money as well. You need to say it is time to stop. His parents are NOT NEEDY. There is no reason for a child to be supporting parents who are capable of working. Eventually, you will have to drop the bombshell – it’s either your parents or you and your child.

In addition, you might consider reporting them for welfare fraud.

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