Question by Worried Sick: Does a Chinese X-Student Visa test for Herpes?
If any body has studied in China for more than a year and has received an X-visa, could you please check the paperwork from your health testing? I’m going to China to study for a year next year, but I have herpes and I’m worried that they’re going to catch it. I’ve been cruising a lot of expat forums and it seems that a lot of people are saying that the government either a) doesn’t test for it, b) don’t take the time to differentiate it from the other symplexs that cause cold sores, or c) won’t actually flag you for it.

If anyone could give me some information about this, I’d really appreciate it. It’s literally keeping me up at night to think that I might not finish my Ph.D. because of something this stupid.

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Answer by flingebunt
If you have a blood test then they will test for sexually transmitted diseases.

Pretty much the only reason you will refused a visa in a Chinese health check is because of an sexually transmitted disease.

What they test for will depend on where you are, large cities will be more complete and smaller cities.

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