Question by Elizabeth Iris: Where is a great *affordable* honeymoon destination for September 2008…suggestions?
I’m getting married on 9/27. We’re 22, & are in school & working full time, so, we don’t have a lot of money. I’m looking for ideas. Hotel on the beach? A cruise? We aren’t sure if we can travel anywhere outside of the US (financial reasons) but it would be awesome if we could just come up some ideas. I HAVE TO HAVE THE OCEAN OR A SEA OR SOME LARGE BODY OF WATER. If he could go anywhere in the world, it would be China or Paris. I would love to go to Japan, Mexico, Spain, Italy, or the Caribbean. My mom suggested, Nashville or Gatlinburg the other day. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with those places, I just would prefer those places as vacation spots for when we have kids…not as a honeymoon. We are attempting to get as much luxury as we can of course. The destination you suggest doesn’t have to be any of these places. Money is the name of the game. Any suggestions are appreciated. If you know the round about cost, that’s even better! Again, thanks for any suggestions & prices!
We are from southwestern Ohio. Sorry forgot to mention that…

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Answer by jumpingstar
st. thomas or the florida keys.

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