Question by Mighty FOI: thoughts on this rhyme:(some references to buddhism)?
the fasicination of my lyrical representation eradicate the synagogue of satan/
which i plan to dismantle/
7 chakras connected with dan tien i channel/
envisioning the system harboring my wisdom, where i plan to kill the jugular vein with a bang/
Me versus you, good vs evil, the yin and the yang/
the professor eneritus of curriculm in the booth/
an enlightened teacher who shared his insights in order to help sentient beings end there suffering with the four noble truths/
in accordance with clairvoyance with the laws of karma/
by realizing the true nature of phenomena & thereby escaping the cycle involutionary rebirths called samsara/
3 jewels to take refuge: Buddha, Sangha, and the Dharma/
the evolution in the change of demographics/
beautiful music in the form of innate madness in time only worsens/
comprised approximately 3/4ths of water on the earth surface/
The Sun draws water up nto the Earth rotation in a fine mist increasing with different currents of the atmosphere until she becomes heavier than gravitation/
the lecture told in the Gobi desert told to an nation surrounded by the Yellow and the Yangtze River, the aid of Carbon-14 detection and dating and radiation, carpediem,in shape of 10,000 years in the spn of civilization/
Divine numerology examine the phrenology/the debaucery unearthed relics in the form of pottery/
the 5 bonds, 5 relationship, filail piety/
rhymes elementally compose of hot asphalt herald mainteance/
in a vibe that comes off as pious, yet many find cantakerous/

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Answer by quamae meadows
Good rhyming but u need a different subject. Try life or just tell a story. It has to be good. But regardless ppl are gonna hate. I’m a rapper too so…. Yeah.

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