Question by frank: What’s up with China?
They deny Tibet freedom, the Yangtze river is filthy, they eat dogs, they have horrible human rights records, they put the worst ingredients ever in products and food, they kill their daughters, they have a horrible political system…

Ok, this is my media image of China…Can anyone give me something nice about it or is this stuff pretty much spot on?
Sex-selective abortion appears to have been practiced at various times in Chinese history such as the Qing dynasty[citation needed] due to population pressures. Sex-selective infanticide appears to occur infrequently in China today. However, there is a strong imbalance in sex ratios in China, as well as South Korea and India, which has commonly been attributed to sex-selective abortion. In addition, there appears to be some sex-selective abandonment of infants to circumvent China’s one child policy.
Female deselection is common in China: Chinese tradition says that most parents want their first child to be born a male. Female deselection is also due to deeply rooted Confucian traditions, and Chinese parents desire sons in order to make familial propagation, security for the elderly, labor provision, and performance of ancestral rites. China calls the female deselection situation the “missing girl” problem.[citation needed]

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Answer by Geoff E
I agree with all you say. But I did hear one surprising fact. Although China is not noted for its religious tolerance, there are over 150,000 Buddhist monks in Tibet more than any other country. They also spend a lot of the money we give them for their products on building up their army and weapons by the way.

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