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TEENS: What’s in your Bucket List?

Question by : TEENS: What’s in your Bucket List?
Here is mine:
1.Have a proper Tea Party
2.Have a Disney Movie Marathon
3.Dye Hair in a Crazy Random Color
4.See Foreign Language Film
5.Paint a Mural
6.Go Rock Climbing
7.Go Sky Diving
8.Go Bungee Jumping
9.Go Zip Lining
10.Go Hang Gliding
11.Go Abseiling
12.Go Wake Boarding
13.Go Skiing
14.Go Water Skiing
15.Go Scuba Diving
16.Go Race Car Driving
17.Go Quad Biking
18.Go Camping in the Wilderness
19.Go on a Road Trip Across the U.S.A
20.Go Cliff Diving
21.Go Drag Racing
22.Go Bull Riding
23.Go Fly a Cessna
24.Go Toboggan Aggressively
25.Visit Niagara Falls
26.Visit Machu Pichu
27.Climb the steps of the Mayan Ruins
28.See the Cliffs of Moher
29.Go Parasailing
30.Ride a Helicopter
31.Try Dog Sledding
32.Go on a Underwater Shark Tour
33.Go on a Safari
34.Jump of a Waterfall
35. Go Ice Skating
36. Have A Mall Scavenger Hunt
37. Have a 4th of July BBQ
38. Make a Slip n’ Slide
39. Have a Lemonade Stand
40. Make T-Shirts
41. Buy a Coloring Book and Color all of it
42. Go Horseback Riding
43. Go Mini Golfing
44. Go Bowling
45. Finish a really Tough Puzzle
46. Draw With Chalk On The Driveway
47. Go To An Amusement Park And Ride Everything
48. Get Dressed Up Fancy And Go To A Fast Food Restaurant
49. Have A Water Gun Fight
50. Climb Trees
51. Make an Obstacle Course
52. Explode Coke With Mentos
53. Have a Face Paint Party
54. Put Together a Fashion Show
55. Make a Movie
56. Ride a Gondola in Venice
57. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
58. Go Camping in your Backyard
59. Go Stargazing
60. Take pictures Underwater
61. Volunteer at a Animal Shelter
62. Make a profit over $ 50,000
63. Go to a Drive in Theatre
64. Do a Flash Mob
65. Swim with Dolphins
66. Jump in a Taxi and yell “Follow that Car”
67. Learn a Foreign Language
68. Visit all of Europe
69. Visit all of Asia
70. Go to Australia
71. Go to Antarctica
72. Visit all of South America
73. Drive a Speed Boat
74. Write a Book and get it Published
75. Do a Masquerade Party
76. Make a Movie
77. Visit Easter Island
78. See all the “Wonders of the World”
79. Visit the Statue of Liberty
80. Visit the Eiffel Tower
81. See the Grand Canyon
82. See the Taj Mahal
83. See the Castles in Germany
84. See the Pyramids of Egypt
85. Visit the Great Wall of China
86. Visit a Volcano
87. Catch Fireflies in a Jar
88. See the Aurora Australis
89. See the Amazon Rainforest
90. Run a Marathon
91. Replay every Video Game I own
92. See every Movie I own in DVD
93. Visit Mount Ararat
94. Visit Mount Everest
95. Visit Bhutan
96. Attend New Year’s Celebration in Times Square
97. Spend a night in a medieval castle in England
98. View the famous Northern Lights in Iceland
99.Explore Ice Caves, Pinnacles and Seracs in New Zealand
100.Visit Japan during the Cherry Blossom Festival.
101.Take part in a Triathlons
102.Experience Zero Gravity
103.Go White Water Rafting
104.Sample Exotic Cuisines from all Over the World
105.Become a Vegetarian
106.Go on a Detox Diet for 21 days
107.Build a Home for the Homeless
108.Change Someone’s Life Completely
109.Donate Blood
110.Grow out your hair and donate it
111.Establish a foundation
112.Learn a new Language
113.Learn how to bake/cook
114.Graduate the University
115.Attend a Concert
116.Ride in a Limousine
117.Meet someone Famous
118.Build a Tree House
119.Visit every Amusement/Theme Park you know
120.Go Roller Blading
121.Form a Band
122.Join a Church Choir
123.Rent out a Karaoke Room
124.Learn to Yodel
125.Go Fire Walking
126.Dive in a Submarine
127.Ride a Ferris Wheel
128.Go on a Cruise
129.Visit The Perito Moreno Glacier
130.Visit The Fjords of Norway
131.Visit The Galapagos Archipelago
132.Visit The Great Barrier Reef
133.Visit Victoria Falls
134.Visit Iguassu Falls
135.Visit The Basilica di San Marco, Venice
136.Visit St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican, Rome
137.Visit The Acropolis in Greece
138.Visit The Alhambra in Spain
139.Visit Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain
140.Visit The Statues of Easter Island, Chile
141.Visit Hagia Sophia, Turkey
142.Visit Kiyomizu Temple in Japan
143.Visit The Kremlin in Russia
144.Visit The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
145.Visit Stonehenge, United Kingdom
146.Visit The Sydney Opera House, Australia
147.Visit The Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, London, England
148.Visit The Parthenon in Greece
149.Visit Machu Picchu, Peru
150.Visit The Coliseum in Rome
151.Visit Petra, Jordan
152.Visit Christ Redeemer, Brazil
153.Visit The Great Wall of China
154.Visit Chichen Itza, Mexico
155.Visit The Taj Mahal, India
156.Visit Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
157.Visit El Prado in Madrid, Spain
158.Visit The Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy
159.Visit The Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia

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Answer by believer_in_jesus37421
Share the Good News of Jesus Christ with teens until the day that the Lord calls me home.

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What’s Obama going to do about this?

Question by Maryn Janine L: What’s Obama going to do about this?
Officials: Missiles show N. Korea skills improving
By KELLY OLSEN – 31 minutes ago

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea’s weekend missile launches show the communist country is improving its capability and accuracy and are a cause for concern, officials said Sunday.

North Korea launched seven ballistic missiles into waters off its east coast Saturday in a show of military firepower that defied U.N. resolutions and drew international condemnation and concern. It also fired four short-range missiles Thursday believed to be cruise missiles.

South Korea’s Yonhap news agency — citing a South Korean government source it did not identify — reported that five of the seven ballistic missiles landed in the same area, indicating their accuracy has improved.

Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said North Korea’s capabilities were getting better.

“If you look at their most recent efforts, the most worrying thing is not their current capacity in terms of distance or scope but how they have improved,” he told the Nine Network on Sunday.

“We have seen improvements regrettably in their technology and their approach,” he said, emphasizing the latest missile tests were clearly a provocative act aimed at the U.S.

Saturday’s launches on U.S. Independence Day appeared to be a slap at Washington as it moves to enforce U.N. as well as its own sanctions against the isolated regime for its May 25 nuclear test.

An official, speaking on condition of anonymity citing department policy, said the Defense Ministry was investigating the launches and it would take about a week to complete an analysis.

He also said no signs of additional missile launches had been detected, but more were possible given North Korea warned ships to stay away from the area through July 10.

North Korea’s state news agency did not mention the launches. In Washington, the White House had no immediate comment.

South Korea said Saturday that the missiles likely flew more than 250 miles (400 kilometers), apparently landing in waters between the Korean peninsula and Japan.

South Korea and Japan both condemned the launches, with Tokyo calling them a “serious act of provocation.” Britain and France issued similar statements.

Russia and China, both allies of North Korea, expressed concern over an “escalation of tension in the region,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said Saturday in a statement after a meeting in Moscow.

Separately, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said in a statement that Beijing “hopes all parties will keep calm and restrained and jointly safeguard the overall peace and stability in this region.”

The North has engaged in a series of acts this year widely seen as provocative. It fired a long-range rocket it said was a satellite in early April, and in late May it carried out its second underground nuclear test following the first in late 2006.

The country has also stoked tensions with rival South Korea and last month threatened “thousand-fold” military retaliation against the U.S. and its allies if provoked.

Yonhap also reported that the North is believed to have spent between $ 34 million and $ 46 million in test-firing the seven missiles Saturday. It cited no source.

South Korea’s Defense Ministry said it cannot confirm the report.

Associated Press writers Hyung-jin Kim, Kwang-tae Kim and Jae-soon Chang in Seoul, Gillian Wong in Beijing, Tomoko A. Hosaka in Tokyo, Jill Lawless in London, Elaine Ganley in Paris, Mansur Mirovalev in Moscow and Lara Jakes in Washington contributed to this report.

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Answer by Nathan
I’m from Alaska, and I’m convinced he’s going to use every word he can think of … they are derisive, dismissive and on and on. But Obama’s all talk because he’s a wuss and probably doesn’t even believe America is worth defending. I’m convinced he’s going to get us folks up here nuked.

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What’s up with China?

Question by frank: What’s up with China?
They deny Tibet freedom, the Yangtze river is filthy, they eat dogs, they have horrible human rights records, they put the worst ingredients ever in products and food, they kill their daughters, they have a horrible political system…

Ok, this is my media image of China…Can anyone give me something nice about it or is this stuff pretty much spot on?
Sex-selective abortion appears to have been practiced at various times in Chinese history such as the Qing dynasty[citation needed] due to population pressures. Sex-selective infanticide appears to occur infrequently in China today. However, there is a strong imbalance in sex ratios in China, as well as South Korea and India, which has commonly been attributed to sex-selective abortion. In addition, there appears to be some sex-selective abandonment of infants to circumvent China’s one child policy.
Female deselection is common in China: Chinese tradition says that most parents want their first child to be born a male. Female deselection is also due to deeply rooted Confucian traditions, and Chinese parents desire sons in order to make familial propagation, security for the elderly, labor provision, and performance of ancestral rites. China calls the female deselection situation the “missing girl” problem.[citation needed]

Best answer:

Answer by Geoff E
I agree with all you say. But I did hear one surprising fact. Although China is not noted for its religious tolerance, there are over 150,000 Buddhist monks in Tibet more than any other country. They also spend a lot of the money we give them for their products on building up their army and weapons by the way.

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Yamaha TTR inconsistent power delivery, what’s wrong?

Question by LaoWaiSuomi: Yamaha TTR inconsistent power delivery, what’s wrong?
I have a ’99 Yamaha TTR Raid here in China. I am living at a high elevation, and I just shipped the bike to a buddy at sea level. Since he got the bike, he has changed the fuel filter, oil and cleaned the air filter, but he says it is constantly backfiring, and stalls out on idle at times. Also, when cruising, the bike will get inconsistent with power delivery (on and off in small surges) Any help? Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Firestormer
The bike is running too lean due to being tuned to run at high altitude. Much the same as a pilot leans out an engine in a light plane.

Your friend will have to adjust the air/mixture screw and possibly increase the main jet size.

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What’s the best state in China??? Beijing or Shanghai ?

Question by : What’s the best state in China??? Beijing or Shanghai ?
I want to Travel to china next week , I am confused between Beijing and shanghai

beijing has great heritage sites and anicent places , shanghai also have ancient places and have the yangtze River

Best answer:

Answer by Yan
I’m pretty sure China doesn’t have states and that Beijing and Shanghai are cities. I have been to both cities. Shanghai was very hot when I went, but there were lots of nature things to see while you’re driving on the road. The food is okay, but personally I enjoy eating food in Beijing more. Honestly, Beijing was the best for me because there are so many things to do, shop, eat, and go sightseeing. There are a lot of interesting buildings and you can see the Bird’s Nest! Beijing is a lot of fun.

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Since China has 2 million oil engineers in Libya what’s the chance of Obama hitting one of them with a Missile?

Question by Obama W. Bush: Since China has 2 million oil engineers in Libya what’s the chance of Obama hitting one of them with a Missile?
Ya’Know like Clinton Did in Kosovo when he Cruise Missiled the Chinese Embassy.

I’m thinking at a Million dollars apiece Presidents shouldn’t be trusted with Cruise Missiles. They should Let Congress declare who gets bombed. Kinna like the founders had in mind

Best answer:

Answer by Defender of Capitalists and Straights
War with China. I sure Palin talking $ hit about China in India is friendly too. Both should be kicked out of the republic and democrat party.

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