Of the Japanese Imperial Army (hereinafter JIA), a Japanese soldier who carried only one Japanese sword but was able to kill more than one hundred people although he loaded with an exuberant extra swords with himself, who was also a walking lethal weapon carrying only a Japanese sword and a single-action gun but was able to massacre over 800,000 citizens in China, which we can say “more lethal than even A-bomb.” They had plenty of arms and ammunition, plenty enough not to need them to think twice of pointlessly killing hundreds of thousands of local people in its colonies who could have brought more money and product to Japan and the Japanese people.
They coerced 3,200,000 Chinese people to work for Japan. Of all of them, 1,000,000 people was died, and 10,000 people were buried alive for confidentiality reasons. Even in such a harsh condition, thanks to its incredible generalship, they were able to control rebellion.
They built a total of 19 fortresses, of them those on the ground stretched over 4,700 km and those on the underground stretched over 1,700km and they had been able to hide them for over 60 years without no one noticing thanks to its unbelievable capability of controlling information.
They had an impeccable ordering system to convince people in Okinawa to commit suicidal attack on the U.S. soldiers. They had fantastic capability to hide every unfavorable information for Japan such as the time when and how they killed people, how the state of mind of the JIA soldiers was. They were perverted and visionary enough to decide sending a countless Japanese comfort women to Indonesia even when it was ruled by the Netherlands not by Japan.

They also had a advanced civil engineering technology to make it possible to narrow the width of the Yangtze River to less than 2m and had a capability of killing 300,000 people of the Nanking city, China, where 200,000 people lived at that time, who had an enough leverage to sweep up away all those dead bodies of 300,000 victims by only one truck in an astonishingly short period: in two weeks, who had many so-called comfort women surpassing the number of that of the JIA soldiers, who were well fed to maintain enough physical strength to intercourse with over a couple of dozen comfort women per day without loosing a humor to do GANSYA or spraying his sperms on woman’s face even though the concept of it didn’t get any familiar among the Japanese people until recently, who in Korea had plenty of time to kill so they broke into not only cultural facilities but every house and searched and burned books of any kind such as dictionaries, even Korean’s traditional recipe books, who come to Korea not because they were going to colonize the country but because they came in to incorporate Korea peacefully in order to protect Korea, in this sense these Japanese people were mere strangers in Korea, nevertheless Japanese people had profound knowledge on Chinese feng shui, which was not familiar in Japan though, and ambition to use it for weakening Korea by building iron piles, copper piles and such on the top of mountains for some reason, who were skilled enough at alchemy to produce aviation fuel out of human fat, who were trained enough to cloak his own shadow to avoid being found, who invented a magical machine gun that was able to kill people without bleeding around, who had abundant money and resources to allow them to consume it not for seizing Korea’s exquisite buildings, cities, and railways, instead they destroyed all of them and replaced them with poor and unsophisticated buildings by the Japanese technology consuming tons of their money and resources, who had abundant supply of oil to allow shuttling a half of the population in the Korean Peninsula to Japan back and forth, who occupied two-third of the vast mainland of China, which has 9.6 million km2 area in it, who burned down over 1,7000 villages throughout China by torching them in just 6 years, who were so cruel to be able to think of up to 250 types of murdering method, who had expendable tons of gasoline to set fire to over 50,000,000 innocent Chinese civilians and killed them for unknown reasons, who destroyed everything in China,


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You’re funny when you spread propaganda.

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