Question by : ebay listing removed after i bought it and received shipping confirmation?
i purchased and paid for an item right before i went on a week long cruise, and when i got back from the cruise i had a message from ebay saying that they removed the listing because of suspected copyright infringement or something. the message said not to pay for the item and i was like uh it’s a little late for that considering i bought it a week ago…

but anyway, i opened a case like ebay instructed me to do, and none of the case options really applied to what happened to me..i just picked ‘i bought an item and i haven’t received it yet’ because that’s what ebay said to do.

so then, i get confirmation from ebay that the case is open. the next day, i get a message saying the seller has provided shipping information. i got a message that said ‘hi, i sent the item and here is the tracking number. please believe i am an honest seller, the item should arrive from china in 11-22 days.”

i verified the tracking number on the postal service website and the item had, in fact, shipped.

what should i do? should i wait for the item to get here and then ask for a refund? i mean, it’s on its way..i’m just very confused ):

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Answer by RahRahRah
I’d cancel the dispute once I receive the item.

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