Question by singaporelosers2: I’m interested in a bike cruise around the world…..?
All I want to do is get the old motorbike out, put a tent on the back and head out. I’m just wondering, as I live in the UK how I could go on an all round the world trip with my bike. I’ve saved up quite a bit of money so I can buy food from the gas stations and stuff but I ‘m guessing I’d have to go on the ferry (pre-booked of course) to France and then head out across europe, through to China, then down to Australia then New Zealand and then back track from there. I was wondering roughly how much it might cost and whether I should split the trip so I just do Europe, then on another Asia and then another trip to America.

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Answer by liz down under
Have you watched Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman’s Long Way Round? It is a film of their motorcycle ride from London across Europe and Russia and ending in New York. It shows the obstacles you will face in some countries ie. with visas, bad roads, innaccurate maps, corruption etc. It is worth watching just to see the kinds of things you will be up against and to show you the kind of forward planning you would need to do. If you stick to western Europe, Australia and New Zealand the main thing you would have to worry about is whether you can afford it.

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