Question by : I need to find a map for a quiz TOMORROW!?
I am having an Earth Science quiz on all these rivers and oceans and bays and such and i left the map at school..if someone could please help me find a map that LABELS all of these, it would be amazing.

1.Pacific Ocean
2.Atlantic Ocean
3.Arctic Ocean
4.Indian Ocean
5.Gulf of Mexico
6.Bering Sea
7.Hudson Bay
8.Arabian Sea
9.Red Sea
10.Caspian Sea
11.Aral Sea (Aralskoye)
12.Sea of Japan
13.Sea of Okhotsk
14.Weddell Sea
15.Mediterranean Sea
16.Persian Gulf
17.Black Sea
18.Gulf of Oman
19.Huang Ho River

20.Gulf of Aden
21.Bay of Bengal
22.North Sea
23.Baltic Sea
24.Barents Sea
25.Caribbean Sea
26.Coral Sea
27.Adriatic Sea
28.Mississippi River
29.Nile River
30.Amazon River
31.Ganges River
32.Indus River
33.Yangtze River
34.Yolga River
35.Congo River
36.Niger River

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Answer by Kerry
Try Google maps. It will show all of them.

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