Question by taylor.monday: Help with my Geography Homework! I’s due Friday!?
1. The following five rivers are the longest in the world: (1) Nile (2) Amazon (3) Chang Jian (Yangtze) (4) Ob-Irtysh (5) Huang He. To which continent does each belong?
2. What parallel divides the Earth into two equal parts?
3. What does it mean when a map is drawn to scale?
4. Which South American country has the longest coastline along the Alantic Ocean?
5. In what ocean is Japan located?
6. How many South American countries are located on or below the equator.
7. Who owns the Azores islands?
8. Which part of the United States has higher elevations, the sooutheast or the northwest?

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Answer by Ms
In the time it took you to type all these questions in here, you could’ve typed them into Google and gotten all the answers.

Sheesh. I mean, I’m lazy, but that’s like dumb lazy.

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