Question by Julia: Heard that Victoria Cruise nearly launched a new ship on Yangtze, called Jenna, is there any more information?
Yangtze cruise in China

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Answer by k l
I’ve been to the Yangtze Cruise and took Anna, which was a splendid trip.

Janna is a new ship and I searched some info for you.

Victoria Jenna, the newest ship in the Victoria Cruises fleet edged out of port along China’s Yangtze River on April 26, 2009. The ship is being built to the highest international standards; it has the most suites of all vessels plying these mighty waters. At a gross tonnage of approximately 8,000, the five-passenger-deck Victoria Jenna is the largest ship in the company’s fleet; the room breakdown is as follows: 149 standard cabins, 35 junior suites, three deluxe suites and two Shangri-La Suites.

For the pictures and other relevant info you scan this website.

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