Question by N S: Does anyone actually like China?
To begin with, let’s just be clear that this is an attack on China, not the Chinese.
Let’s face it, to the West and to most other nations, China represents an enormous threat. It continues to expand militarily, build nuclear weapons, consume resources at an incredible rate and its economy increases exponentially, as does its population. It consumes and pollutes with no regard for the rest of the world or the environment, and represents an authoritarian bulwark of Communism to many nations. The Yangtze river dolphin just went extinct due to a non-existent concern to preserve any form of wildlife or biosphere, and instead a focus on industry and expansion- the Chinese contribute the most to Global Warming, yet they are doing the least to stop it. It also slowly but surely destroy its fantastic culture and history through Communist principles- the future China will be bland. And if World War 3 breaks out, it’s going to be us versus China- this is not a simplistic assumption- it’s widely accepted. It displays expansionist and imperialistic behaviour such as with the Tibet situation, a deplorable attitude towards human rights, and it’s predicted that there will be a small war against India in the next few years involving Himalayan borders. I think it’s pretty clear who the world will support then.

If you disagree with the above statement, I’d love to know the other side of the argument. I know it might be controversial, but that’s my opinion on China at the moment. What do you think?

Actually, many Chinese don’t really like China- it’s oppressive and authoritarian. Remember the Tianamen Square massacre? Think about the way it’s dealing with the Uighurs. Most Chinese people are indifferent towards it- it provides jobs because of big building projects, but it is not a free society.

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Chinese Food > Pizza

Nuff said

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