Question by kevin: Anyone who can answer these questions gets 10 points!?
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1) Name three movies starring Tom Cruise:

2)Who was the lead actor in “Big Trouble Little China”?

3) Who wrote and directed the original “Halloween”?

4) Name three movies directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

5) Name three movies that John Williams wrote the score (music) for

6) What basketball star was almost cast in “Rush Hour 3”?

7) What was Keanu Reeves first acting job?

8) Name three movies where Marvel Enterprises was the Production Company.

9) What movie will Johnny Depp star in next?

10) What was John Woo’s first movie and where was he born?

11) What is the number 1 racnked comedy movie according to IMDB?

12) What is the worst ranked horrow movie according to IMDB?

13) Name on movie coming out the week of October 5th.

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Answer by meemee
lol…u makin people work 4 the points…i’m in class so cant… 🙁

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