To take the Three Gorges cruise ship, the ideal one is to choose the schedule from Chongqing to Yichang. The transportation between Yichang and Chongqing is very convenient, as you can take airplanes, trains, cars etc. to arrive there.

The Yangtze River Three Gorges cruise ship generally is divided that of upstream and downstream. The route of downstream is Chongqing, Fengdu Ghost Town, Zhongxian Shibaozhai, Fengjie Baidi City, Wushan Small Three Gorges, Maoping Three Gorges Dam and Yichang. The order of sights for the upstream is just the reverse.

The boat trip time for upstream is five days and four nights, and there is enough time to watch the coastal scenery and take the group photo. If you want to know more about China’s culture, there will be professional lectures in the upstream tour. The time of the downstream cruise is 4 days and 3 nights, so the speed is fast and the time is short. The spots are arranged to be visited during the day. Resting on the boat is not affected by the itinerary. The disadvantage of the downstream tour is that the speed is too fast, and it is easy to happen that you have not enough time to take pictures.

If you are worried about missing some attractions in the evening, you can set your own alarm clock. When you get to the place, you will wake up yourself. This method is suitable for young people to use secretly. It is still necessary for the elderly and children to rest well at night on the boat.

Choose the cruise ship that suits you to have a travel to Yangtze River. It is recommended to choose the date that suits you. First, make sure which day you want to start your trip. Then according to your own time schedule, choose whether it is upstream tour or downstream tour. Generally speaking, the price of the Three Gorges luxury cruise ship is about the same for upstream and downstream. After determining the sailing period and the itinerary, look at the cruise ships on the day and then compare the cruise ships, the type, price and room type to choose the right Yangtze River Three Gorge cruise.