How do I know which cruiser I am going to take?

There are various piers scattering along the port, which is very difficult for passenger to find the right ship to get onboard. Moreover, the anchorages of all the ships are temporarily decided by ship companies. It often happens that some passengers couldn’t find their ship until the ship had departed, which is over our control. So highly recommend you book the cruise package tour through travel agency, which will include the transportation to the pier to get onboard with the help of our guide and driver.

What is the weather like on Yangtze River?

The average temperature is 30 C° (90F) in July and 10 C° (50F) in January. In summer, dramatic thunderstorms and heavy rains often happen to cause the water level high between July and September, while winter is short and cold. Usually, most ships suspend during winter because of the low water level. April, May, September and October are the peak as well as the best season for taking the cruise.

Xiling Gorge

Xiling Gorge

What are the Yangtze River boats like?

All of the boats we use are 3 to 5 star, as are the hotels. They cater to western tourists. The cabins have two berth type beds on each side of the cabin, and the cabin contains a private bathroom. Meals are the same as the restaurants. The boats are like all the standard, very large Yangtze River boats, which look very similar. The facilities include central air-conditioning, closed circuit TV and audio, Chinese and western dining rooms, coffee shop, video cinema, bar, ballroom, karaoke, gift shop, beauty parlor, outside observation deck, telephones etc. Foreign exchange, credit card service, laundry, and massage services are available on board.

What does the price of the cruise include or not include?

Shipboard accommodations, meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and designated shore excursions fee and port taxes, while the price does not include any designated overnight hotel stay prior to boarding the ship, personal expenses such as wine in the bar, laundry, hairdressing and barbering, telephone and facsimiles, postal and cable service, clinic, massage and shopping, gratuities etc.

What routes are available for Yangtze cruise?

Chongqing – Yichang (4 days 3 nights)

Chongqing – Wuhan (5 days 4 nights)

Chongqing – Shanghai (7 days 6 nights)


Shanghai – Chongqing (9 days 8 nights)

Wuhan – Chongqing (6 days 5 nights)

Yichang – Chongqing (5 days 4 nights)