Question by : Where should we go Europe or Asia?
If Europe we would go to
germany, Austria, Prague, Switzerland and Amsterdam also doing a 12 night Scadanavia and russia cruise
If Asia

We will be going in may

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Answer by Daevid
I would say Europe…I’ve lived there before and I talked my mom into gettin out of the army and coming back to the U.S….after i left i realized how much i actually loved living there. If you love castles and the medivel theme, then i highly advise Europe. Also (if your from the U.S.) its a good chance to see where part of our culture branched from. Also i find russia an intresting place to visit… Though i would like to see china and the great wall, i gotta say i would like to pay europe one more visit….(i’ve been to germany, austria, switzerland and amsterdam before….beautiful places)

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