Question by Warren D: What would you do if you were told you had inoperable brain cancer?
Of course this question is inspired by the diagnosis for Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

Since I am at an age where such a cancer would likely be a death sentence for me, this disease hits home.

I would get my affairs in order and then I would spend whatever time I have left writing everything I could think of–my memories, my cares, my concerns.

I would try to get closer to God. I would find the books I’ve always wanted to read and didn’t have time and read them. I would stay busy. I would try to do some traveling. I would like to see the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, and the Pyramids.

I would try to find everyone I loved so I could personally tell them I loved them. I would forgive all my enemies. I would try to get at least one flight on a supersonic airplane. I would take at least one cruise. I would try to find someone who would let me drive a train.

I would try to spend my last days as much like a little kid as possible.
I know I said what I’D do…

My question was, what would YOU do?

And the serious answers have been pretty good.
Wow, you guys have some great answers. I hope all of us live so long that they’ll say about us “He (she) lived a great and full life, and I’ll miss ’em until we meet again in heaven.” And, in the words of the great Irish toast, “May we be in heaven an hour before the devil knows we’ve died.”

Darn it, some of us SHOULD live forever. Too bad we can’t.

Best answer:

Answer by silver
I would do pretty much the same thing you would do!

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