Question by dhudson29: What to do in Shanghai?
A group of us are traveling to China in October. We will be there for 2 weeks traveling in Beijing, Xi’an, different ports on the Yangtze River and finally in Shanghai.
Our trip is already scheduled for us for everyday except for the final day in Shanghai which is free for us to do things on our own.
Any suggestions?
Thank you for all of your suggestions. This has been very helpful. I bought a travel book about China so that I can have a better understanding of her history and culture. Also, the Travel channel has had a week long “China Week” which has been very insiteful. I am very excited about visiting. Only 2 more months to go!

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Answer by metalincotton
people’s square

Yu yuan garden

Xin Tian Di, a place where locate many traditional Shanghai buildings. There is expensive bars and restaurant.

Nanjing walking road

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