Question by i dont care for a name: What is the weather like in China for late July to early August?
My family and I are going on a trip to Beijing, Hong Kong, and as well as a few other places like the Great Wall, Yangtze River, and Guangdong province while on this trip. We are going late July and coming back the week of the Olympics (8/5). Does anybody have any suggestions on what we could bring for clothing as well?

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Answer by Bob B
summer clothes! it is just as hot, humid as the midwest USA, only it is terribly polluted.

When in Guangzhou, order pizza from Danny’s Pizza. he is a transplanted New Yorker or New Jersey, I forget where, but his pizzas are the best! Stay at the White Swan. Just down the street is a nice American style diner called Lucy’s.

You will love Hong Kong, I hope you are luckier that I, and you get to stay a couple days. The HK airport is incredible.

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