Question by Yo: What do we do now, America?
Our forces are “fighting for our freedom” on the other side of the world… while we have china firing missiles in our back yard and EMP bursting the Carnival Splendor. Why did we enter WW1,.. Lusitania?
The TSA’s porno scanners are stopping people from flying and getting our children and everyone, young and old fondled and molested.
The Federal Reserve is bankrupting the dollar, we need to go back to the gold standard and abolish the fed.
Our trusted govt has proven to be untrustworthy, tyrannical, and perverted.

But what do we do now? What do we do about China attacking a civilian cruise ship to see how their weapons would work against the US Navy and Marine force?

What do we do now…

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Answer by Devin Gray
zombie turtles

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