Question by : Very happy garden wedding and prepared for a good future together except for one issue…?
My wife’s work is in Sydney. The best chances she has for her tourism work is in that city due to the fact that her tourists first arrive in sydney loaded up. So she gets commission from them.

we just had our marriage ceremony today. Everyone was really happy! Now we are strapped for cash because we just returned from China. I got thrown a lifeline with an IT help desk role in Brisbane. I have another potential job in Sydney as a lab tech but I need to wait for the job applications to close. I have casual work lined up for assissting passengers on and off cruise ships.

So the number one concern for me at the moment is leaving my newlywed bride in Sydney whilst I work in Brisbane until something full time comes up in Sydney so we can be together again. She wont leave her job.

I’m debating what to do. I haven’t explored the option of the fly in fly out mine jobs. I fly up to Brisbane on thurs (company paid return flight). The big question is whether to take it or not. Maybe if I can come homd on weekends but there is a lot of weekend work in this job and the need to be on call. What would you do? Take the job or wait for more in Sydney to be with your partner. Both things are important and the family are divided on their opinions of staying or going…
Thankyou for the support. First, let me mention that I chose to tough it out in China between jobs so that we could be together. I wasn’t returning to Australia that easily.

So, I will go to Brisbane and sus out the situation and see if I can get weekends or a couple of days during the week to return to Sydney to spend time with the wife. If it doesn’t seem that good, I’ll work the casual jobs in Sydney until I get a decent full time job in the new year. I had planned to apply for the grad jobs in Sydney in Feb-April next year anyway…

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Answer by Meg
Honestly, I don’t understand how it could even be an option to be permanently living in a different city to your new wife… That’s not to say I dont think she is being stubborn… Hell yeah she is if she won’t compromise… But you married her probably knowing she was like that… So I guess you have no choice then to look for a job in Sydney if she flat out wont leave. But if it was me, I’d expect some compromise from her.

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