Question by r1b1c*: Three Ohio-class US subs in Asian waters?

Our Ohio-class subs are popping up all around China, how would we react if their subs were popping up all around us in say the Gulf of Mexico, off of California and maybe within (cruise missile type) range of New York?

Do you support this United Statesian stance on the far east?
Would you stand for the Chinese doing the same in/or near United Statesian territory?

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Answer by ⌡Machine Head⌠
At no point were they in the recognized territorial waters of China, any ship of any navy can be in any part of open international waters at any time of peace.

There is little doubt that Chinese subs have been in international waters off the coast of the U.S., just as during the Cold War Soviet electronic surveillance trawlers were a constant presence in the international waters off the U.S.

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