Three Gorges Dam is situated in the Sandouping Town, Yichang city. Surrounded by the Xiling Gorge, the Three Gorges Dam is about 38 kilometers away from the Gezhou Dam. Not only this is the high level tourist spot in China, but also the biggest Hydropower station in the world.

The outstanding scenery of Three Gorges Dam is a mixture of its natural beauty and the advanced structure of the dam. The dam is divided into 5 main parts. The whole area of Three gorges Dam covers a total of 15,28 square kilometers. Those include the Exhibition Hall of Three Gorges Project, Tanzi Ridge, 185 platform, Dam viewing point, and Memorial Garden. Most visited by tourists are the Exhibition hall and the Tanzi Ridge. The main show-stopper that never fails to amaze whoever comes to see is its Three Gorges Dam project.

First opening of the Exhibition hall of the Three Gorges Project was in 1st October, 1992. The ceremonies’ commencement was by the state council vice premier, Zhoujiahua. The exhibition hall is 6,600 square meters wide. It consists of several subject exhibitions including immigration, environment protection, technology process, photography, and electronic production. The architectural style of the exhibition was designed as per the international standard. Therefore, the hall was also equipped with film show room and VIP room. To add the virtue, the exhibition hall of the Three Gorges project posses the longest colorful picture that shows the Three Gorges with a beautiful bird’s eye view.

Another main attraction in the Three Gorges Dam is the Tanzi Ridge. The name is inspired by its shape, which is like a crock. It is located 262.5 meters above the sea level. It is the main surveying point of the Three Gorges Dam project. The Tanzi Ridge is a three storey building. In the Tanzi Ridge, there is an 800 million year old ancient stone that was found in the bottom of the Yangtze River. The project has successfully delivered China into possessing the biggest hydropower station in the world.