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Historical Implications
Why was the building of the dam first proposed in 1919 and by whom?
Why have archaeologists and historians criticized the building of the Three Gorges Dam?
Governmental Implications
What has been the unfortunate response of local government officials assigned to help families affected by the construction of the Three Gorges Dam?
How has government corruption impacted safety?
Energy Implications
Why did China believe the building of the Three Gorges Dam was an absolute necessity in terms of energy production?
Compare the energy production of the Three Gorges Dam to the Hoover Dam. Although China believed the Dam would provide the nation with 10% of its power needs, what is the current amount of power it actually is supplying?
Environmental Implications
What are some of the environmental implications sited by Chinese officials that have occurred as a result of the Dam project?
What has been the “most worrying consequence” that has occurred as a result of the Dam?
Social Implications
What is the impact on local communities near the construction zone? What about farmland?
Although, over a million people have been displaced by the Dam already, what is the future forecast for local citizens? Is the social turmoil over yet?
Economic Implications
What was an important economic goal associated with the building of the Three Gorges Dam?
How does the Three Gorges Dam improve Yangtze River trade?

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