The Three Gorges(San Xia)section of the Yangzi River stretches for a distance of 192 km (119.3 miles) from Yichang to Kui Men near Fengjie, not counting the relatively placid section of broad river valleys that extends from Fengjie to Chongqing.

You can catch a 7:00AM shuttle bus from your hotel for the hydrofoil (fei chuan) ship terminal. The hydrofoil service is by far the most convenient way to travel throughout the Three Gorges area. The luxury cruise liners taken by most foreigners are not only prohibitively expensive, but sail right past nearly all the historic sights and towns without stopping, usually offering only one or two token shore visits, the location of which are randomly selected at the whim of the cruise company. The hydrofoil service, on the other hand, is not only fast and reasonably priced, but it services nearly every port and town along the river between Yichang and Chongqing. Witb a whole fleet of ships in service, it is actually possible to visit more thawn one town in a single day if necessary. Unlike the other ships, the fei chuan do not depart from or arrive at the two main ferry terminals in Yichang. Instead, they use their own facility west of downtown, reached by taking the Yun Lian Highway across the Huang Bai He Qiao. This gives them the added advantage of not having to pass through the Gezhouba Dam ship locks, as do all the other vessels. Tickets for the fei chuan can be purchased at most hotels in Yichang, including the Ticket Booking Center in the bookstore of the Guo Ji Dajiudian, as well as the offices of most travel agents in the city.