Question by Nasty Mcdirty ®: The bestest dumbness ever poll..not really,just please answer out boredom?
1)Yay,more dumb questions!!! Ready?
2)What would you rather be doing right now?
3)Naked first? Man or Woman?
4)Eat glass for a day or sniff farts for a year?
5)Flight or cruise?
6)What part of yer body are you the most proud of?
7)God of war game or Man-O-war octopus?
8)Can I really turn a trailer into a submarine?
9)Mexican,Italian or Indian (food)?Hottest…
10)Can I plant the seeds in sausage and expect sausage plants?
11)Do you close your eyes when you hug/kiss another?
12)Truck or car?
13)<---my lucky number...yours? 14)What is the grossest thing you have ever seen? 15)Still here? You must be bored! 16)What was the wildest dream you've ever had? 17)Vanilla rules,right? 18)What is yer pet's name? 19)This is getting long,no? 20)China,Japan,Korea....They hate being mistaken for each other..why? Copy and paste or you get no best answer Best answer:

Answer by Candice

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