The weather of shanghai is generally moist and mild with four distinct seasons – a hot rainy summer, a pleasant warm spring, an overcast cold winter and comfortable cool autumn. The location of region at the estuary of Yangtze River to the East China Sea making it so wet that it rains for one third of the year.

The hottest time here is in July and August with the temperature above 35 C or 95F. The coldest time is from late January to February. The spring season is from March to May and it is the most descent time to visit to this city.

With the subtropical maritime monsoon climate, this city is generally moist and mild. Although it is situated on the southern part of China, Shanghai experiences four different seasons throughout the year. The cool autumn and warm spring are very much comfortable for travel while the hot rainy summer as well as overcast cold winter is not suitable time for visiting there.

Spring in the Shanghai starts in March and continues till May. This is the best season of the year for travelling. The flowers that bloom in the spring time make the city attractive and lively. The temperature at this time is around 20C. Light rains however occur sometimes, but it will not disturb your trip. Thin sweaters, long-sleeved shirts or coats are very much suitable for this time.

Summer is long here and starts from June and ends in September. The temperature is very high with abundant rainfall. The highest temperature can be noticed in July or August. For about 10 days, the temperature is above 35C. You should avoid visiting at this time of the year.

There is Meiyu Season or Plum Rain Season form mid June to early July. This lasts for about a month which commences from early summer when the plums begin to ripe along the lower and middle reaches of the Yangtze River. During this time, the rainfall is about 25 percent of the total rainfall of the year.

Autumn is good season for travelling and it comes in October and November. Winter here comes in December to February. The coldest period is during the end of January to early February, during the Chinese Spring festival.