Question by Mace W: what would really happen if aliens invaded earth?
mean how do u think we would really react.

1. white and black come together and gang up on green.

2. france cuts a deal with aliens and elects a puppet regime.

3. the arabs charge with derelict soviet space shuttles and go on the greatest suicide run in history

4. the most powerful christian nations in the west, russia and china get taking out fast and the refugees from these countries move to the third world and join with the rest of humanity in resistance and guerilla warfare, in subsaharan jungles, siberian tundras and north african deserts.

5. the church of scientology declares all religions are wrong, and we should worship the aliens as gods. the aliens then make tom cruises their prophet and charge him with exterminating and converting all other religious infidels to the church of scientology.

6. the aliens arrive on earth destroy the most powerful nations before catching a little cold that turns out to be deadly to their race thereby exterminating them. and leaving their advanced technology and out springs new powerful nations. in subsaharan africa arrives the bantu hegemony a xenophobic, restricted, neutral and isolated society. north africa and southern europe becomes the meditteranian alliance. asia and eastern russia becomes the ethnically diverse, siberia-mongolian empire. the rest of europe comes under control of the slavic union. the middle east and northern india comes under the control of the persian aryan nation. the rest of india extending all the way down to austarlia unites to become the dravidian-aboriginal republic, a free and democratic society. while canada mexico and usa unite to become the united tribes of north america an afro-amerindian society with strong indian, anglo and african influences. south america then becomes the new inca empire. and finally the carribean and bahamas and all the surrounding islands becomes the confederated islands of the carribean.

7. or the worst senario the most powerful nations agree to peaceful surrender and help the aliens hunt down their human brothers in the 2nd and third world for anal probing or whatever aliens do.

so which do u think is the most likely. u can have more than one option
new senario

8. we launch our entire nuclear arsenal at them before they reach earth and destroy them and never knowing why they came here

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Answer by andrew
All of the above.

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