Question by cancersucks: Isn’t it in China and India’s best interest to clean up the Yangtze and Ganges rivers?
Someone once pointed out that the healthcare costs of premature babies is skyrocketing out of control. Well, we have to pay it! What do we want, the human species to die out? Same with the rivers. We cannot live without water. So isn’t it in China and India’s governments interest to clean up the rivers and prevent their pollution so that you don’t have people dying? You have to find a way!!

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Answer by Millie C
Despite the fact that U.S. is still the leader in pollution, China will soon surpass us as they continue to industrialize. It’s not just the rivers that are worrisome…you have air pollution, depleting vital resources, endangering species…especially in our oceans. They economy has improved and their population is stabilizing, which is good, but at what cost?

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