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what do you think would be a good age to wear makeup? 🙂
i want to wear it for my eight grade graduation and cruise, but i dont know how to ask my mom…
heres some background-
im asian, and have VERY strict parents. They rarely buy me clothes, (so i have about 5 shirts i can actually wear, no skirts/dresses, some old flare jeans) i also want a dress, so i dont have to wear jeans and a tshirt
its not a finacial problem(seeing as the our family sends back 40000 a year to china to help our relatives)
and one time i was at a friends sleepover and she put a bit of mascara on me, and when i came home the next day, a bit of it was smeared under my eye
my parents asked what that was, and i lied, saying it was war paint or something( cause they would flip it they knew it was makeup)
but they found out eventually
they werent that mad, but i was super embarrased cause they were laughing, and they told it to all thier friends later
i have to get a’s or they get really mad at me for a while
i have to join all the academic clubs at school

so basically i just wanna know, how can i ask my parents if i can wear makeup t omy graduation? (cause my parents and i dont have the best of relations, and even thinking about the idea is embarassing)
thanks for ur help
(and srry about the length)

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Answer by Hannah 🙂
I would ask your mom, because she is more likely to understand and what I would say is, “Hey mom, I have graduation coming up, as you know. I was wondering if I may wear a little makeup for it since it is a big event. Also, I only have a few shirts, and a couple pairs of jeans to wear, do you think I could get a dress, since it’s a little formal?” or something along those lines. I asked my mom that way, and she understood. If they weren’t mad about the mascara, I’m sure they’ll be fine, and It’s not embarrassing at all, a lot of girls wear makeup!

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