Question by f_vidigal: Does the US think civilians from “3rd World” countries are just dirty animals and so have no rights???
It is very common practice of the US to launch missile air strikes against populated areas if they think someone wanted is hiding there somewhere, and usually they kill the guy but they also kill many innocent civilians. After that, the US officials say they are sorry(not), and case closed. And they don’t care because it was “3rd World” Nation civilians.
How about if a “3rd World” Nation wanted someone and thought the guy was hiding in a US town, then send a “3rd World” cruise missile to blow up that US town, and then just say sorry, and case closed?
Would the US send a cruise missile too if that wanted guy was hiding in Paris, or somewhere in China?
How about if the US suspected a wanted guy was hiding in a US town would they send a missile to blow the town up, then no criminal repercussions, no monetary “compensations”, and just say sorry, and case closed?
What is the difference between innocent US civilians, innocent “3rd World” Nation civilians, and innocent Chinese civilians?
Are the innocent US civilians prettier? US civilians can suffer pain and the others don’t? US civilians have hopes, dreams and families; and the others don’t? Does US civilians are worth more than other Human Beings?
Is US ARROGANT and Inhumane???
“3D Farms”, Then the 9/11 war war too, HON. Dont like it so much when it happens to you, HON?

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Answer by 3D Farms
That’s war , hon .

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