Question by : Nobody will help me. I asked Yahoo to help and they haven’t. My computer is going crazy and it’s brand new.
I only have the problems in Yahoo. Whenever I am in Yahoo all the sudden I will go from Yahoo USA to Yahoo UK and Ireland to Iceland and even make 15 minute layovers in China. I told my daughter about it and she said ‘sounds fun” i said, “no you don’t understand. I am not the one on the world cruise. My computer is. Yahoo is going global and so am I. or balistic. This ONLY happens on the Yahoo website. I tried changing passcodes but that didn’t work. I clicked the american flag 2O times. my daughter is a computer expert and I don’t think even she can fix it. It can’t be the computer cos it’s 10 months old and a very nice computer. please don’t tell me to click the american flag cos that only works for up to a half hour before it goes back to uk or iceland or china. What am i supposed to do? my daughter can’t come help for another 5 days but I doubt even SHE can fix THIS.

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Answer by Crouching Doggie
LOL… your question is so cute! I’m hardly a computer expert but I was having a similar problem on my PC. If your running Internet Explorer on Windows platform, try clicking on Tools, Internet Options, Connections, and LAN settings, and be sure that you don’t have a “proxy server” selected on the bottom. Short of that I have no clue how to correct this problem, certainly your daughter would know better than me.

I wish you luck.

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