Question by Penelope: My grandparents by to go on a trip with me and my sister?
I’m 15, my sisters 12, our father just passed away and his parents (my grandparents) want to treat us to a trip to just get away and have fun and my grandparents are also getting older so they figure they should go on a trip with us now before they don’t remember who I am.. They want to go somewhere they haven’t been before, so no Ecuador, china, virgin islands, australia, hawaii, or most of Europe. I was thinking Mexico, Alaska, Galapagos, Brazil 2016 Olympics (it’s in a few years but my grandparents are still pretty healthy. They can both walk around all day without a cane or walker.) my grandpa and I like cruises and sailboats, I like swimming in pools and oceans, and my grandma likes shopping and taking pictures. I speak fluent Spanish, my mother and grandma know a little Spanish and German, and we all have passports and really as large a budget as necessary. We don’t want to cut any corners on this trip. Thanks

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Answer by You make my brain hurt
Patagonia. I’ll get down there before I die…

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