Question by rate p: Is this a product by the War Room of Pentagon to Instill fear ?
Pentagon launches its China-threat campaign again, It has done that just about every year for past 10 years..

The problem is that the world, in that ten-year span, did not see a single China’ fleet (they even could not build a aircraft-carrier) cruising at the doorstep of other sovereign nations. Neither have we seen China warships stationed or sailed on a permanent basis, along the important sea channels connecting the oceans.

On the contrast, it is none other than the US, who has done exactly that! From land to air, from sea to space, the dominance and omnipotence are unmistakably of the US

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Answer by desertviking_00
Give me a break! In 1991 I wrote to the two Senators from my State to ask them for help in checking out the reality of the CSS-5,”Dragon 2000″ intermediate range missile which the Chinese were deploying at eight different launch sites to “blanket” all of East and South Asia under a nuclear umbrella. The State Department in that administration didn’t even acknowledge the existence of such a weapons system and outright lied to one of my Senators in their reply. Fortunately, the Defense Intelligence Agency told my other Senator the truth and confirmed what I had heard discussed on several English language short wave radio broadcasts of different nations in Asia and the Pacific.
I also recognize that China’s military history since August of 1949 does not show a pattern of their extending outside of their borders with any sort of aggression. But, that does not forgo the possibility of them acting differently in the future.
The Pentagon has to deal, on a daily basis, with the scenario of “worst case first”. I’m sure the leadership of the PLA does the same and that the civilian leadership of both nations would view with disdain if their senior military staffs didn’t carry out such tasks.
If there is one guiding principle behind this activity in the U.S. military command it flows from something once said by Dean Rusk when he served as Secretary of State under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson: “Never forget. While we are asleep, one half the world is up to some kind of mischief”.

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